Mark Chern - Integrated Bodywork

Integrated Bodywork treatments should be considered for neck, shoulder or back pain. These treatments are even more suitable if you present with a more complex clinical picture that includes stress-holding in particular parts of your body. Imbalances may show up as headaches, sinusitis, TMJ disorders and even digestive disorders. You may even present with conditions that are more systemic, including autoimmune conditions, that may or may not involve thyroid, adrenal or reproductive hormone imbalances.

The point of these sessions is to release habitual and chronic restrictions in the body. The intention is that these releases create the shift you need in the journey to better health. Mark's treatments are highly complementary even if you are already seeing a general practitioner, naturopath or any other allied health practitioner.

The work is highly personalized and, depending on what you come in with, may include a combination of visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, cupping and acupuncture. Mark has trained in a variety of hands-on techniques since the late 1990s and is keen to be a part of your support system. He is also a registered Chinese Physician.

Rates :
(Available Monday and Friday upon appointment)

Single session (90 minutes) SGD 250
Block of three (90 minutes) SGD 660 (Valid for two months)
Block of six (90 minutes) SGD 1,200 (Valid for four months)