COMO Shambhala Massage 
The nurturing COMO Shambhala Massage is ideal for those who are looking to improve their general wellbeing and to re-balance their bodies and minds. It uses our signature blended massage oils to completely calm the mind and gently rejuvenate the body. We customise this massage to address every individual’s unique areas of discomfort and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage
COMO Shambhala’s restorative Deep Tissue Massage releases deeply held patterns of tension while also draining the body of toxins. The techniques used during this treatment include penetrating muscle compression and cross-fibre friction to increase blood and lymph flow.

Thai Massage
COMO Shambhala therapists use Thai Massage to unblock trapped energy. As is the custom with this sort of treatment—sometimes known as passive yoga—our expert therapists manoeuvre your body into yoga-like stretching positions, applying pressure along the meridians and mobilising joints.

Pre Natal Massage
Accommodating woman at all stages of pregnancy after the first trimester. This pampering experience, designed with the safety of mother and child in mind, helps ease sore spots, relax muscles, improve circulation and mobility. Pregnancy massage support cushions are used to ensure total comfort.

Single Session (for any of the above treatments)
Single Session
60 min SGD 150
75 min SGD 200
90 min SGD 220
Block of 5 (60min) SGD 700 (Valid for 6 months)
Block of 5 (75min) SGD 900 (Valid for 6 months)
Block of 5 (90min) SGD 1,000 (Valid for 6 months)
Block of 10 (60min) SGD 1,300 (Valid for 12 months)
Block of 10 (75min) SGD 1,700 (Valid for 12 months)
Block of 10 (90min) SGD 1,900 (Valid for 12 months)

All rates are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and inclusive of 7% Goods and Services Tax.

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