Whether you’re after a group yoga lesson or private tuition, our classes are suitable for beginners who want to discover the benefits of this ancient tradition as well as advanced students looking to improve their practice.

Vinyasa yoga is a versatile style that employs the approach of ‘connecting postures’ (it is not limited, however, limited to the series of postures specific to the Mysore ashtanga style). Connecting movement and breath, vinyasa is also known as flow yoga.


Yin yoga focuses on floor poses to stretch the connective tissues, joints and ligaments in a non-aggressive, non-rhythmic way. The perfect complement to more dynamic forms of yang yoga, this practice creates feelings of openness, rejuvenation and steadiness by cleansing the pathways of vitality in the body. The overall effect is similar to that of acupuncture.


Restorative yoga focuses on poses that can help you de-stress and relax. The poses are supported by blankets, blocks, straps, and chairs, and are held for several minutes.

Please note: Health insurance rebates may apply; please confirm this with your private health provider.